Standing Appointment Program

Standing Appointment Program


All standing appointment members must pay a $35 yearly fee for the convenience of having all of their appointments booked for the entire year. Booking appointments can be stressful if you visit the salon often. For that reason, Hair by ABRA “Kadabra” invested in a scheduling system that would make booking standing appointments  more effective.  Stress free hair on a stress free journey.

This fee will book all of your appointments for the entire year. Standing appointments must be the same day of the week and the same time or this program will not work for you.

Abra will maintain 15 Member+ spots for standing appointments at an exclusive promotional rate.


5 Spots – Weekly Standing Appointment members receive

$20 off any styles

$10 off hair trims and treatments


10 Spots – Biweekly Standing Appointment members receive

$10 off on any styles

$5 off hair trims and treatments

These clients as Member+ will receive laminated member cards upon filling out a Standing Appointment Sign Up Sheet. Emergencies, rescheduling and or cancellations are inevitable.  Members must cancel online 24 hours prior to their appointment. During the time of standings, you are not required to make any appointments, however, if you need to cancel or reschedule, you will need your usernames and passwords so PLEASE keep both in a safe place.

If you cancel within the 24 hours of your appointment, it will count as a late cancellation.  Only 3 late cancellations are allowed throughout the year of the term.  In order for your standing to remain at the promotional rate, you would be asked to repay the $35 Standing Appointment fee.  Of-course No Call No Shows are unacceptable.  In order to remain as a standing appointment member at the promotional rate, you would be asked to pay for the service you were booked for or you would no longer be able to reap the benefits of the promotional rates or the standing appointment option in general. This is important because although others will have an option to sign up for standing appointments, they will not receive the promotional rates and its only fair  they have a chance to be a promotional member if Member+ clients cant abide by the terms.


Temporary holds are permitted for Sew ins installed by ABRA only.  With a sew in, you do not necessarily have to visit the salon as often or at all. You can put a hold on your promotional standing without having to pay the fee when you are ready to pick back up on your standing. You also get to keep your regular day and time. Abra will not fill your spot with another standing member although while you are out, it will be available for booking.


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