The Flat Irons REAL TRUTH!!!!

The Straight, Flat Iron Truth88b3ac_89b3e0dfd6d80a1702701eedd14d77a5.jpg_srz_236_351_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

Ceramic flat irons cause considerably less damage to hair than less expensive flat irons that use metal or plastic heating elements (or have less ceramic on their plates). Ethnic hair tends to be coarse but African-American hair is the most porous – meaning it is easier to lose moisture and sustain heat damage. Preparation and treatment, before and after styling, is vital when using a flat iron. Other than that, much like coarse hair of any ethnic type, the trick is in straightening small sections at a time, looking for wider plate sizes (1 1/2″ & up), and practicing to find the right heat and technique. The hard truth is that regular, prolonged exposure to heat – especially if your hair is already damaged, chemically treated or thin – will cause some stress to your hair structure. However, Black hair may require the use of a high end ceramic iron that is more protective and less likely to dry the hair.

Commonly Used Terms In Regards To Flat Irons

IONIC- commonly used in the styling industry to refer to negative ions only

ION- an atom that has gained a positive or negative electrical charge.

NEUTRALITY- the natural state of stability, wholeness and health.

DAMAGED HAIR- positively charged from static electricity, chemicals or metal heated appliances. The positive charge keeps hair follicles open, dried out and brittle.

NEGATIVE IONS- neutralize the charge on damaged hair, close the hair follicles and smooth the hair shaft.

CERAMIC FLAT IRON- use ceramic heaters which produce negative ions when heated. Most use plates made of aluminum or titanium then coated with several baked on layers of ceramic. Prolonged use of ceramic coated flat irons can peel or chip exposing the metal below and causing plates to heat unevenly or damage hair.

PURE CERAMIC FLAT IRON- The most expensive and highest salon quality iron. Softer than metal reinforced which is easier to crack during manufacturing or with rough use. Benefits; even and diffuse heating, smooth handling, no fear of ceramic peeling or chipping over a lifetime use. Warning; never clap plates and handle gently.

FAR INFRARED- the infrared spectrum of light is invisible to the eye but penetrates further than visible wavelengths because it radiates—directly heating objects in an area without heating the entire space through a process called direct light conversion into heat far infrared which lacks dangerous UV rays and other wavelengths that are bad for us. It also penetrates human skin and hair cells bringing heat within. Far infrared has curative properties and has the ability to restore good circulation. It is the most efficient and gentlest way to heat hair.

NANO- small, tiny particles imbedded in plates. Pay attention to words it is attached to.

NANO-CERAMIC; ceramic is present as tiny particles (not salon quality)

NANO-SILVER; inhibits bacterial growth

NANO-TITANIUM; causes heat to spread more evenly, adds shine by boosting the negative ion output of the plates.

NANO-TITANIUM OXIDE- inhibits chemical build up that causes funky odors (most useful if your iron gets around)

TOURMALINE; is always “nano”. Adds negative ions to produce smoother, sleeker results

CLOSURES ARE IN!!! The Right One That Is

The Closures are HERE! The Closures are HERE!..
Swiss Lace versus Silk Top Closures

What is a lace closure?

A lace closure is a patch of hair sewn onto a lace that is utilized as the excess hair so you don’t have to leave your natural hair out. It is applied to the crown to blend in with your hair line and extensions. Closures are easy to maintain as well as style and can be parted in any direction. They can come in any hair texture or type from curly to straight and from Brazilin to Virgin Indian. I always recommend Virgin Indian, Cuticle hair because it is the highest grade and the best on the market. Closures come in different sizes including 3 by 4, 4 by 4 and 5 by 5. The benefits are that it looks natural and you don’t leave any hair out thus reducing heat damage to your edges as well as chemical damage from hair color.
Skin based closures are also referred to as silk top or silk back. They are different from the original Swiss lace closure. The differences are as follows;

SKIN BASED (silk top, silk back)
Skin Base Closure
-Scalp like illusion
-Made of polyurethane rubber meant to stimulate the scalp
gives you a snug and realistic fit
-Slightly bulkier at the hairline because of material
-Slightly uncomfortable because your scalp gets hot and cannot breathe
-More expensive

Swiss lace-Most popular
-Difficult to detect
-Most natural appearance
-Transparent mesh material: whatever is underneath will show and allows your scalp to breathe
-More comfortable
-Natural movement
-Seamless and flat at the hairline
-Lighter density
-Less expensive

Product Diagnoses

Not every stylist takes into consideration how important products are when it comes to using them on certain hair types. Anyone can throw ingredients together and call it “hair growth solution”however the truth is quality products = quality hair. Below will be some problems, solutions and products I believe is best for different types of hair. Some of these products are accesable to the public and others of which only a professional can get their hands on. Its good to always remember that the key to healthy hair starts with the shampoo and conditioners.

What products are best for your hair?



PROBLEM: When hair is dry, it breaks

SOLUTION: A shampoo that opens up your cuticles, hydrates but not strip your natural oil and conditioner that intensly hydrates your hair

SUGGESTIONS for fine to medium textured hair:

i. Davines Hydrating Shampoo and conditioner (professional product)

ii. Its a 10 moisture shampoo and daily conditioner (professional product retailed in VOILA! Studio Salon)

SUGGESTION for medium to course textured hair:

i. Design Essentials moisture retention and express conditioner (professional product retailed in VOILA! Studio Salon)



PROBLEM: Dry, Frizzy

SUGGESTION for fine to medium textured hair

i. Deva Curl No poo or Light poo Shampoo and One leave-in conditioner (Heaven in Hair Deep Conditioner)

ii. Mixed Chicks shampoo and leave in

iii. Design Essentials Natural line (professional product retailed in VOILA! Studio Salon)

SUGGESTION for medium to course textured hair

i. Shea Moisture

ii. Miss Jessies

iii. Design Essentials Natural line (professional product retailed in VOILA! Studio Salon)

*NOTE* Avoid consistently applying alcohol based products such as gel and moose especially on relaxed or colored hair. Alcohol based products dehydrates your hair thus allowing it to break easily



PROBLEM: The result of colored hair is dry hair (refer to #1a)

SOLUTION: A shampoo and conditioner that hydrates but not strip color


i. Davines shampoo and conditioner for Color (professional product)

ii. Pureology Antifade Hydrating shampoo and conditioner (professional product)

iii. Its a 10 moisture shampoo with keratin (keratin replaces the protein lost thus providing strength) (professional product retailed in VOILA! Studio Salon)




PROBLEM: Chemicals can physically burn your hair, scalp and can permanently damage your papilla which is the main cell way under your scalp responsible for hair growth

SOLUTION: Scalp treatments and shampoo/conditioner that restore your hair strands back to its normal state


i. Cholesterol (contains protein and gives your hair the strength that it lost during the chemical)

ii. Aveda Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner (public access)

iii. Its a 10 moisture shampoo with keratin and deep conditioner with keratin (professional product available for sale in VOILA! Studio Salon)




i. Nioxin (allow a professional to treat hair-loss with nioxin)

ii. Bosley Hair Restoration



PROBLEM: There is no problem…This could be simply inherited

SOLUTION: A nice layered cut and curls which give the illusion that you hair is thicker


i. I will not use volumizing shampoos for this can be quite damaging blowing the cuticle layers of your hair strand wide open allowing everything bad from the environment, heat and products to make itself at home.

ii. I will not use moisturizing or hydrating shampoos and conditioners which would weigh your hair down



PROBLEM: oily hair will appear stringy and heavy and can prevent any  nutritional product from entering into the hair strand (Note: Avoid products with silicon and petroleum for this can put never-ending build-up on your hair strand)

SOLUTION: Remove buildup


i. Clarifying Shampoo (note: always follow up with a moisturizing shampoo to restore moisture balance because clarifying shampoo can strip more than enough from your hair



a. PROBLEM: very itchy or flakes on clothing

b. SOLUTION: medicated shampoo (not conditioner) and scalp oil


i. Tee Tree Shampoo (note: always follow up with a moisturizing shampoo because medication shampoo will dry your hair out)

ii. Design Essential Therapeutic Shampoo (professional product available as retail in VOILA! Studio Salon)

ii. Aveda Scalp Remedy solution leave in daily treatment

iii. Jane Carter Scalp Serum oil drops



Hot or Not Look for YOUR Body Frame

Not everyone is completely satisfied with their bodies. If you are, then you are one of the lucky ones. There are people in this world that wish they were shorter or wish their shoulders were a little more narrow. The only solution to that problem is to deal with it because it is the body God gave you however I do have an alternative solution. You can take the right measures into complimenting whatever your insecurity may be whether its your broad shoulders, short neck or even the fact that you’re a very tall person. There are certain looks that I encourage you to take in and there are some that I require you to stay away from when it comes to hair cut and styles. Take a look at my advise and maybe when it is time for your makeover, you will be well knowledgable about what will look nice on you or what will take away from that one insecurity you may have about something on your body.




Tall and Lanky (women 5’10 and taller men 6’1 and taller)

-         HOT:              Volume and at least shoulder length

-         NOT:               Short hair for this will make you look even taller and more lanky

-         Exception: models who wants to appear taller


Average (women 5’5 – 5’9  men 5’7 – 6’1)

-         You are very lucky and blessed because you can wear almost any hairstyle


Short and Sturdy

-         HOT:           Hairstyles with height and volume on the top

-         NOT:           Hair should not touch shoulders or NO overall volume because this would make you look shorter





Short Necks

-         HOT:             Narrow or elongated neck outline

-         HOT:            Hair worn short close to head or off the face

-         NOT:             Hair with volume around neck area


Long Necks

-         HOT:             Your hair needs to be full around neck area

-         HOT:            The outline of your neck should be horizontal at the bottom to imply weight and fullness

-         NOT:            Narrow neck outline for this could make you look like a giraffe





Wide Shoulders

-         HOT:           Elongation should be added with a narrowing design line in the back of head or neck (in other  words a V shape because it stretches the body and allow the shoulders to appear narrow)


Narrow Shoulders

-         HOT:          The design line in the back of your head or neck should imply horizontal or should look like the shape of an A

-         HOT:          Flat, wide and oval neck lines

Do’s and Dont’s for your Face Shape

FACIAL SHAPES (7 most common )

Which facial shape do you have?


OVAL FACIAL SHAPE (rounded, long and narrow)Oval-Face-Shape

You are very lucky because you look good with almost any hairstyle, length or texture keeping in mind your body frame proportio









Unknown-2ROUND FACIAL SHAPE (circular and wide)

A. Short and layered styles look very well on you

B. Asymmetrical hairstyles can distract from roundness

C. You need height and long wispy side areas to make cheeks appear narrow

D. Avoid volume at the sides and curls since this would emphasize the roundness


Unknown-4SQUARE FACIAL SHAPE (short, wide, angular w/a lot of straight lines and horizontal jaw line)

You need height on the top and narrowness on your sides

Very short hair with height on top can look very nice on you

Curly textures and wisps of hair around face work as well since this adds softness to fac

Absolutely no width at jaw line



Unknown-1OBLONG FACIAL SHALPE (rectangular, long, narrow , angular and horizontal jaw line)


You definitely need softness and width

You need longer and curly hair

Chin length hair with volume on sides can be very flattering

A fringe (full bank or half bang) will shorten the look of the face

No short hair because this can make you look masculine

No height or no flat long straight hair



UnknownTRIANGLE FACIAL SHAPE (forehead narrow and jawline wide)

You can wear graduated forms very well because you can push the volume up above the jaw line into the narrow area which means you are perfect with short hair as long as it has volume at upper crest (top and temple) to make the forehead area appear proportioned with jaw line

Long hair should reach past the jaw line

No bobs which give more width to jaw line

No short hair that hugs the head



Unknown-3DIAMOND FACIAL SHAPE (elongated, angular, wide at cheek bones, forehead and chin narrow)

Your hair needs to be narrow on the sides and you need to have fullness at chin

Bobs work well on you (there are many types of bob looks)

With short hair, the nape length needs to be kept longer and wispy so the hair can soften the chin

No height on the top of your head, volume on sides, or short cropped nape area

No long pointed side areas because this emphasizes the sharpness of the chin and you do not want that



UnknownHEART FACIAL SHAPE (upside down triangular shape with wide forehead and narrow chin)

You need volume at your chin short hair or medium length hair nape aprea needs to stay full

Curls soften features

No long pointed sides

No or little volume at the top of your head because this is the part of your head that is already wider than the rest

No short cropped nape area meaning no tapered hair in back of your head


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