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Congratulations on your soon to be special day!  This day is “YOUR” day and do not ever forget it.  You deserve a stress free, relaxing, uplifting magical experience  ABRA “Kadabra” and her VOILA! team truly believe they can provide.


6296_763698420240_7977665_nnewvo-manroe-look1-224x300PHOTO SHOOTS

(price based upon consultation)

Up front Booking fee (non-refundable)=



Traveling Compensation:

1-15 miles = $15

16-30 miles = $30

31-45 miles = $45

46-60 miles = $60

Travel = Airflight + Hotel + $30/day food per diem rate

PhotoShoot  Rate:

Hair Service Charge + $50 per hour on set




3404159_f496FASHION SHOW

Price based upon consultation

(all hair must be pre-cleansed)

*NOTE*  I will donate time and services for fashion show benefit events only in exchange for printed and oral advertisement associated with event





(hair must be pre-cleansed)

Happy Birthday! Have you ever had a birthday party where someone made you and your girls look extremely gorgeous for your night out? Probably not. Well your time has come and now you have the opportunity for you and your girlfriends to get dolled up during your birthday pre-party so you can all step out have fun and feel the attention. Hair and Make up services availabe.

  • QUEEN PACKAGE (hair, makeup, lashes) = 500 up to 3 queens / 800 up to 5 queens / 1200 up to 8 queens
  • DOLL PACKAGE ( hair and lashes) = 275 up to 3 dolls / 425 up to 5 dolls  / 650  up to 8 dolls



images 2HAIR ANATOMY 101

This is a hair education class for you who is eagered to learn products that are best for your  hair type, ways to grow your hair/gain healthy hair and  ways to style your hair for different occasion such as work, night outs or every day looks. This is a fun and educating opportunity you do not want to miss. You will learn basic techniques that benefit you for a lifetime. How? If you are aware of how to style your own hair, there is no need for visiting the salon and sitting for hours every week or two thus saving you time and monetary funds.  Have your list of questions accessable. This does not include chemicals for you are to seek a licensed professional.

  • $100 per 1 hour

Email:  hairbyabrakadabra@gmail.com
Contact: 314-375-6764

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