Inventing, designing, cutting, coloring, extending, growing and maintaining healthy hair is not a hobby; It is a business first, a science and an art Abra considers to be her gift. It is this perception of the industry that makes Abra one of the top hair professionals in the nation. “She is not a beautician. She is a magician” a reputation that has been bestowed upon her by her clients and which led to the brand “Abra Kadabra”.




Abra has always possessed the hair gift even as a child starting with baby dolls at the age of 3, neighbors at 7, servicing herself at 10, high school homecomings and proms to earning a living in college where she received a 4 year bachelors degree in the Arts and Science. It is also this degree that separates Abra from most hair stylist because she has the innate ability to research, experiment, diagnose and improve the vitality of hair effortlessly enabling her to confidently exceed most women healthy hair goals.




Film production, editorial magazines, tours, music videos, bridal/wedding and fashion week shows are a few of the major experiences Abra has endured as a professionals but one she would never forget is being featured on the Style Network channel Season 5 Episode 1 of the reality hair show called Split Ends as she overcame every challenge and represented her city St. Louis very well. In 2013, Abra became the CEO of Voila Studio Salon located in St. Louis, Missouri.




In 2016, Abra “Kadabra” shocked parts of the world by revealing her invention; an unprecedented sew in experience called the Abra Kadabra Sew In.  The Abra Kadabra Sew In is a 5-7 Month Sew In with natural appeal, stress-free low maintenance and MAGICAL hair growth results. There has been many tears of joy from over 150 live testimonies and counting of women growing 3-5 inches in one sew in process; NO BREAKAGE, NO MOLD, NO MATTING!




Observing the very fact that brown women in mass numbers struggled tremendously with distressed, damaged and broken hair; Abra took it upon herself to challenge the rules. Hence, she developed a systematic formula that would later provide endless magical healthy hair growth results for every woman; GUARANTEED. By successfully combating this stressful issue, she has been able to provide women with hope and confidence to accept their authentic naturalness through the healing process of hair growth. Because of this, Abra was lead to self proclaim herself as a hair doctor.




According to Abra, “Hair is my talent and Healing is my gift”.  She believes her purpose is more than just hair. Hair was used as as vehicle for her to empower, motivate and to heal the masses in all aspects of life; focusing on minority small businesses and  entrepreneurship.  Because of this, Abra has become an Evangelist, professionally developing stylist on her own, life coaching within her surroundings, motivational speaking and was inspired to author a book that would uplift the spirits of entrepreneurs and guide them in the right direction; bringing the attention to that everything starts with self.  Abra is vastly becoming the 21st century Madam C.J Walker as her Magical experience of hair and healing expands outrageously throughout the nation.


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